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Posted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 1:40 pm
by Stargazer
1. How do I post?
Click on the thread you wish to post in, click "post reply" and type your post. Click "submit" and there you go!

2. How do I start a new thread?
In the correct forum, click on "New Topic" this will bring up a posting screen with a subject line at the top. Simply type in your info and click "submit"!

3. How do I get a title?
In a throwback to the days of HG titles, we've decided to revive this fun tradition! Titles are based on post counts, and when you reach 300 posts, a thread will be opened in your honor in The Gata forum and the process of titling will begin!

Re: FAQ's

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:17 am
by Stargazer
4. How do I know if my favorite story has been updated?
You check The Annex! Authors will announce their chapter updates in this forum.

5. How do I post a link?
Like this: {url}link{/url} (Use [ ] brackets in place of { })
If you want your link to be text: {url=link}your text{/url} (again, { } = [ ])

6. How do I post a picture?
Your picture must be hosted on a photosharing site (photobucket, flickr, etc NO HOT LINKING!) You will use the IMG code.

7. Can I post a link to other sites?
Yes, as long as those sites do not contain illegal activity.