The Rules

Just a few reminders to keep the pub under control!
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The Rules

Postby Stargazer » Wed Mar 24, 2010 1:11 pm

We're all here for the same reason (mostly), to have fun, to share our works and talents with others, and to feed our obsessions, whatever they may be. The rules are easy, so please try to follow them!

***Remember, you must introduce yourself in The Tap Room in order to have full access to all forums!***

1. The language of the board is English.

2. Be polite and think before you post. If you disagree with someone over something, whether it be a political debate, or the color of the sky, there's no need to be snarky. You can get your point across without being bitchy. Rude, offensive posts are not cool and not welcome here. If you have a rant, that's fine, but you can do so without being rude.

3. Personal attacks on members, staff or other sites are NOT allowed. If you have a problem with a specific person or place, address it with them privately. Do not start flame wars on the open board. Any post seen as a personal attack will be pulled and a warning will be issued to that member.

4. Each post has a report button. This can be used to alert a moderator that a post is out of place, or if you feel it goes against what our site rules are. Do not take it upon yourself to police the board. We have Admins and Moderators who volunteer their precious free time to take care of this board. Report the post and let us handle it.

5. Multiple accounts/usernames are NOT allowed.

6. Hotlinking is not allowed.

7. Text speak is not allowed.

8. The decisions of the Admins and Moderators are final.
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